Psalm 90

How do you face the future in times of confusion? What do you do you when you feel stuck or paralyzed in life? Maybe you’re stuck relationally, in your marriage, with your kids or with a close friend. Perhaps you are overextended in your job. The pressure and the pace of the Silicon Valley has life turned upside down. Or maybe the future fills you with anxiety, the uncertainty of tomorrow overwhelms you and you’re confused about how to move forward. Join us as we dive into this ancient Psalm from Moses that will give you clarity in times of confusion.




  • Psalm 73
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The book of Psalms shows us how to talk to God when things are going great, when things are dicey, and even when life is falling apart entirely. The poetic songs, gritty prayers, and heart cries are filled with raw honesty, fierce passion, intense struggle, explosive joy, unwanted heartache, and unencumbered worship. They touch the heart and provoke the soul. They guide us in how to respond to God authentically and know Him personally. Would you join us for our brand new series over the next 8 weeks as we take a deep soul dive into the Psalms and discover not simply how to express ourselves in prayer but also explore how to become ourselves in prayer.