Psalm 150

Our hearts easily drift from God, which is why we need worship. For it is in worship we are reminded that His heart never drifted from us. As we close out this series, we are diving into the last Psalm with our guest preacher, Josh Fox. Join us to discover how to worship and experience the heart of God.

Josh Fox serves as worship pastor at WestGate Church in San Jose. He is also the Director of Anthem School of Worship, a 9-month program designed to equip and train worship leaders to effectively serve and lead in the local church. Josh was also a part of the team that launched Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz.




  • Psalm 150

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The book of Psalms shows us how to talk to God when things are going great, when things are dicey, and even when life is falling apart entirely. The poetic songs, gritty prayers, and heart cries are filled with raw honesty, fierce passion, intense struggle, explosive joy, unwanted heartache, and unencumbered worship. They touch the heart and provoke the soul. They guide us in how to respond to God authentically and know Him personally. Would you join us for our brand new series over the next 8 weeks as we take a deep soul dive into the Psalms and discover not simply how to express ourselves in prayer but also explore how to become ourselves in prayer.