Serve with Tech

Serve Your Church with Tech Skills

Help Awakening and other churches awaken this generation to new life in Jesus Christ.

We’re looking for people who are interested in helping Awakening expand its digital reach in San Jose. We use modern tools and you can make a difference with just a couple hours a month.

Here are a couple areas we are focused on:


Help people learn about Awakening and find answers to their questions.

  • Build content using WordPress Blocks
  • Edit existing content for improved SEO
  • Make changes in response to privacy respecting first-party analytics
  • Set and improve website goals
  • Experiment in a sandbox without worrying about breaking our main website


Create modern WordPress tools which help Awakening and other churches.

  • Develop new WordPress plugins which help Awakening fulfill its mission and help other churches
  • Build on the Planning Center API
  • Help volunteers learn with Sensei LMS
  • Contribute on a weekend with modern tooling like Trellis, Ansible, and Azure using the latest WordPress

We have a long history of using technology for ministry and bringing in people from our community to help.

When we started as a church, volunteers developed this website using WordPress.

In 2016, a volunteer developed video streaming software which made it possible for Awakening and River of Life Church in Jacksonville, NC to serve live streams for only $4 a month.

In 2017 and 2019, several volunteers helped build our own computers for live video production.

And now, we’re gathering people to help Awakening and other churches in new ways.

We have an annual nonprofit grant from Microsoft paying for all of our cloud computing in Azure to allow us to create and try new things.

And we partnered with FaithTech Silicon Valley for an online community space.

We have several opportunities to jump in and help our mission. Join us!