The Way Back Home

The Way Back Home

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The soul is searching for wholeness. We have an unshakable belief that there must be more to life. Our hearts beat with a relentless longing, desperately seeking our true home. And so, we strive tirelessly, chasing after power, influence, wealth, knowledge, and pleasures, convinced that they hold the key to the completeness we crave, only to find ourselves weary, empty, and longing. Yet, our Heavenly Father desires to welcome us home—those He intricately crafted—inviting us to discover what it truly means to be human. Before the world ever whispered its expectations into our ears, before it tried to define our worth and purpose, our Father had a distinct and beautiful vision for our lives.

In the Beatitudes, Jesus sets forth a countercultural vision for life, a sacred roadmap to the way back home. Blessed, happy, and whole are those who find their heart’s true home in Jesus. Join us for our summer teaching series, The Way Back Home, as we journey through the Beatitudes of Jesus.

Sermons from 2023