It’s Complicated

Why am I here?  Does my life matter?  What am I here for?

The past year-plus for many has shaken the very foundation of those questions.  For some, you feel like your purpose has been put on pause or that purpose has been lost altogether.  Maybe you feel purposeless, lost, wandering through life.  What is your purpose?  Can you really live a life full of purpose? Join us for our 5-part series PURPOSE FULL: you were made for this.

Teaching Notes


How do you live purpose full in a post-pandemic world?


Paul & Barnabas 1st Missionary Journey: Acts 13:4-15:35




  • In a world defined by the RELIGION of MEanchor yourself in the HOUSE & FAMILY of Jesus.


  • In a world of SOUND BITE theology,  think deeply in REFINING JESUS-CENTERED community.


  • In a world paralyzed by CHRONIC UNCERTAINTYdo the next RIGHT THING in front of you.


  • Acts 13:4-15:35
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