A Glimpse of God

Why did God become a man?¬†Couldn’t he have come in another way? A pervasive thought in our culture today is at our core, humanity is basically good. If we are instinctively good, it should reason that we would be getting better as a society. However, when one looks at the world today it is not looking good at all. It is this reality that leads us to the significance of why God became a man and why the Christmas story is really good news.

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Something caught my eye. It caused me to stop in my tracks. It was only but a glimpse but it changed my life forever. It is amazing how all it took was a glimpse to redirect the very course of my life. The same is true for you, when you catch a glimpse of who God really is, it will transform your life forever. Join us for this powerful series as we get a glimpse of glory, a glimpse of grace, a glimpse of God with us.