A Glimpse of Favor

Would it be amazing to know the future? We live in trying times with anxiety looming at every corner. You cannot turn on the TV without another stressful report on our world’s turbulent times. Yet, as Christians, we have hope. God has an amazing plan for your life and you do not want to miss it.

This Christmas Eve, we invite you to join us as we discuss the life of Mary in the final installment of our latest series, “A Glimpse of Favor.”



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Something caught my eye. It caused me to stop in my tracks. It was only but a glimpse but it changed my life forever. It is amazing how all it took was a glimpse to redirect the very course of my life. The same is true for you, when you catch a glimpse of who God really is, it will transform your life forever. Join us for this powerful series as we get a glimpse of glory, a glimpse of grace, a glimpse of God with us.