Parenting with Mental Health in Mind, College Worship Night, and more!

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Week 6 | 90,000 Hours

The average person will spend about ⅓ of their life at work or around 90,000 hours working. For many, anxiety, stress, and burnout are unwelcome byproducts of their careers. Are you destined to eke out your days, or is there a better way to work? What does success look like? Is there a way to infuse what you do with meaning and purpose? How do you move from burnout to a healthy work-life balance? Join us as we conclude our UNSTUCK series and dive into God’s wisdom for how he designed work to work.

Parenting with Mental Health in Mind

A kid’s inner world has the power to shape everything – their social lives, academics, and their overall mental state. But statistics are showing that anxiety, depression, self-harm, and so many other mental and emotional challenges are on the rise among our kids and teens. If that thought makes you overwhelmed or scared, you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

We’ve partnered with Parent Cue and Dr. Chinwé Willians to provide some essential insights that will help you learn the psychology of what’s going on in your kid’s brain and science-based, practical tools to help you navigate your kid’s mental health.

Join us for Parenting with Mental Health in Mind, a free event for parents of 4th-12th graders on THIS FRIDAY from 6:30-8pm at the Awakening Offices!

Worship Night THIS Friday

Calling all College + Young Adults! Bring a friend and join us this Friday, 2/9, at 7pm for a sweet time of worship. Click the link below for more details!

Introducing Second Sundays

Every Second Sunday there we will have a themed lunch at the college kick back tent after second service! We hope to see you there this Sunday as we enjoy the BEST Super Bowl Snacks and time together!

Lent Bible Reading Plan

Lent has historically been a season of renewed focus and fasting during the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. As we let old habits die and form new ones, we are a metaphor for Jesus’ death that ends in new life.

Scripture tells us that the one who meditates on God’s Word is “like a tree planted by streams of water”. This Lenten season we want to invite you to meditate daily on Scripture and experience the beautiful reality of a life firmly rooted next to a life-giving source. Join us in the Gospel of Matthew using a devotional by NT Wright called “Lent for Everyone”. We will go through this devotional using the Bible app starting on February 14th, Ash Wednesday.

Local Outreach Interest Meeting

Are you interested in serving our unhoused and underrepresented community? Do you know or want to know how to hang drywall or lay flooring? Do you have a passion to serve others? If so, please join our Local Outreach Coordinator, Brian Warren, for an Interest Meeting in Room 29 on Sunday, February 18th, in between services from 10:45-11:15am. There are opportunities for small groups, young professionals, college young adults, youth, and families to serve together!

Awakening Service Times:
9:30am & 11:15am at Del Mar High School

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Sunday Hang | in between services in the Quad

Awakening Youth Ministry:
Junior High | 11:15AM in the Library
High School | 11:15AM in Service (front right section)

Awakening Kids Ministry:
Newborn-5th Grade | Both services (9:30AM & 11:15AM)

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