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Resisting the Motto – Just Do It

You’ve probably seen statistics about how rich we are in America, and I know it’s so true. We are blessed, and I am very grateful, truly, for where I live. We do in fact live in an incredibly wealthy country. You’ve probably also seen statistics about how rich you are personally (at least compared to… Read more »

Unnoticed Grace: EMPOWERED

In 1996, I started college at the University of South Carolina. Life was going very well for me, as I was fortunate enough to enter these years on a baseball scholarship to be a Gamecock! But not long into my first semester, my life took a radical turn. Not only did I make a choice… Read more »

Unnoticed Grace: The Slow Process of Redemption

So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him. Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation. (2 Peter 2:14-15, NIV) Once in a great while, like an eclipse, we catch a glimpse of the two opposing realities that… Read more »

Spiritual Gift Mis-Alignment

This past month, our community has been in a conversation about spiritual gifts and other ways God has designed us as human beings. We all were created with a specific purpose, designed with a calling in mind that God dreamed up for our lives. That also means that God equipped us with some incredible gifts,… Read more »

“Dad, can you close the window please?”

One of my sons is obsessed with the movie Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman. It is basically about robots that fight. Awesome.  One day Hudson saw a scene in this movie, and little did I know that a new hobby would emerge—namely, robot imitation. What resulted is two years (to date) of dedicated and passionate… Read more »