The Soul of Shame


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Teaching Notes

ANXIETY part 3

How does Jesus encounter us in the midst of our shame and anxiety?
What hope does the Gospel offer against the burden of shame we bear?


The Catch of Fish: Jesus took Peter back to the day they FIRST MET.

Shame tells us our FUTURE is forever FRACTURED.

The Charcoal Fire: Jesus took Peter back to the moment of his DEEPEST REGRET.

Shame always moves us in HIDING.

Jesus will rewrite your story of SHAME
if you allow him to meet you in your place of PAIN.

The Three Questions: Jesus didn’t REJECT Peter but lovingly RESTORED him.

Shame says we are UNLOVABLE and UNREDEEMABLE.

- Name: Simon, son of John.

The enemy knows your name but calls you by your sin.
Jesus knows your sin but calls you by your name.

- Question: Do you love?

- Calling: Feed my sheep.


Jesus has the FINAL WORD over your life, not shame or failure.