Talking Wisely

Many followers of Jesus have opted to stop sharing their faith to the people in their life. There are many reasons that have caused this in Christendom. For starters, when a follower of Jesus considers talking to someone about God, it often produces anxiety. They may get overwhelmed, feel intimidated, worried, or just plain fearful of rejection. There is cultural rejection that we face as well as individual rejection of those we love and care about. Fear often stops us from doing what we know God has called us to. Knowing what our calling is, to share our faith/gospel and to be a witness, how do we overcome the obstacles that stand in our way, and live out this mission that Jesus calls us to in a way that honors God and honors others? How do we prepare ourselves for moments that come to us and remain ready to share about the hope that we have? 1 Peter 3:15. How do we engage people with the gospel in a wise way, and in a way that make the most of every opportunity before us/ Colossians 4:4-6. How do we show people dignity, and become a voice of hope to others as we share the gospel and move spiritual conversations forward? And finally, what’s our role and what’s the role of the Holy Spirit in this quest to do the impossible and bring others to a transformative and eternal relationship with Jesus Christ?



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