Joy in a World of Pain

Depending on your culture, suffering is either inevitable, accidental, or an illusion. Worse, some see it as a result of personal wrongdoing. Whatever the case, our response to suffering tends to be avoiding it at all cost. Christianity teaches something different: not to avoid suffering, but to receive it as a lesson and a gift.




  • James 1:1-4
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During our last series, Relational Intelligence, we discovered the counterintuitive and counter cultural way of Jesus’ wisdom. Part of this life of wisdom is about swimming upstream against many of the cultural currents. In other words, we live as unique — or holy — contradictions: we can have joy in pain, wisdom amidst confusion, and an eternal perspective in the temporal. How do we, as Christians, live like a holy contradiction? And why should we? Join us as we dive into the book of James.