In Regards to Our Past

When we see the Christmas story from Joseph’s perspective, we discover not only the mystery of God at work, but how to choose well even when life doesn’t make sense.

Teaching Notes

Three Essential Qualities in Joseph's Life

  • Joseph showed an openness to a completely different plan for his life.
  • The second remarkable quality in Joseph's life is his courage to act.
  • We see how a change in direction can launch us into God's greater purpose.

Jesus' bravery was not a feeling but an action.




  • James 4:13-17
  • Matthew 1:18-25
  • Matthew 1:22-23
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Christmas is an amazing time of the year. It is a season when we celebrate peace on earth and good will toward others. But in truth, our own journey often involves uncertainty, fear and times of confusion. If we are really honest, it can even feel like heaven is silent in the most "wonderful" time of the year. Where is God when heaven is silent? What if the Christmas story actually speaks to the deepest needs and longings of our heart? What if the Christmas story answers the question: Where is God when heaven is silent?