• What does the Bible say about drinking? Is it a sin? [5:23]
  • How do you know if you’re going through spiritual warfare or just experiencing a hard time? [12:17]
  • If God loves unconditionally, why do we have to acknowledge Jesus as Savior in order to be saved? [22:29]
  • What is Awakening’s position on abortion? Can there be diversity on this issue? [25:57]
  • If God will complete the good work in me, why do I need to live a “good, Christian” life now? [33:10]
  • How do grace & justice intersect? How are we to respond to people like the bombers in Boston? [39:16]
  • What is one spiritual discipline that has most impacted your life? [49:14]
  • I have a hard time forgiving myself. What’s one practical step I can take toward forgiving myself? [51:25]