Bold Prayer

Join us this weekend to hear how the early church prayed when they were faced with opposition. How when they came face to face with power trying to shut down the spread of the gospel, instead of praying for protection or even removal of their enemy, they prayed for boldness.


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Teaching Notes

The 4 Principles of Praying Boldly (Acts 4:23-25)

  • In Community
  • Seeking God’s Plan
  • By the leadership of the Holy Spirit
  • On the foundation of God’s Word

What Does God do when we pray BOLD prayers? (Acts 4:31-33)

  • Shakes things up
  • Unifies the Church
  • Emboldens leaders to speak truth
  • Unleashes Grace upon all

Call to Action:

  • Find one other person (2 at most) committed to praying and learning more about prayer
  • Pray more than you talk
    • I.e. if you have 15 minutes total, then you each come prepared to share a 1 minute or less prayer request -- that way you pray together for 13 minutes
      • With 20 minutes you each get 2 minutes to share with 14 minutes to pray
      • With 30 minutes you each get 3 minutes to share with 19 minutes to pray


  • Yes, God can do a lot with little
  • God wants to shake things up in our lives and world
  • God wants to bring unity in His church and it starts with small groups of his people
  • God wants to embolden us and the first way is through his invitation for us to boldly approach his throne (Hebrews 4:16)
  • God wants to unleash His grace in our community (church, city, state, and nation) and what better way than through Spirit filled people who are steeped in His Word and connected to him through Prayer


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