Lent 2013 {part 3}

LENT (Feb.13-Mar.30, 2013) marks the six weeks leading up to Easter.  It is a season of solemn remembrance, an opportunity to re-center our hearts on that which matters most – the victory won for us by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

When: Three days leading up to Mar.26, 27 or 28 {part 3} Fast during the three days leading up to your House Church, then break the fast with a potluck dinner at House Church.   *Part 1 [Feb.13-23]  *Part 2 [Feb.24-Mar.16]

What we’re fasting from: All food other than rice & beans

Why: When we fast from food, we shift our attention away from our immediate physical needs and focus on our deepest spiritual needs. Fasting from food emphasizes the connectedness of body and soul. When we are physically full and satisfied, it’s easy to feel secure in our ability to provide for ourselves. But physical hunger reminds of our dependence on God for all things. It reminds us that we “do not live by bread alone,” but “by every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). By eating only rice and beans, the staple foods of the impoverished, we also stand in solidarity with the poor and hungry of the world.

As you fast, consider taking the money you would’ve spent on food and give to the efforts being made in Zimbabwe to eradicate the destructive effects of poverty & AIDS.

Go to www.awakeningchurch.com/give, click “Make a Donation”, then click “Lent [Hands of Hope]” under “Select a Fund.”  All giving will go to Hands of Hope [www.hohafrica.org].

We’ll break our fast together with potluck dinners in our House Churches.

Scripture: Psalm 118 *As you fast, spend some meditating on this passage and memorizing as much of it as you can.