The Valley of Blessing

As Christ-followers, giving thanks to God shouldn’t just be something we consider during a holiday like Thanksgiving. What about when we’re going through the dark valleys of life? Could there be a blessing in the spiritual formation that comes as we develop a daily posture of thanksgiving? This isn’t your typical Thanksgiving sermon. Join us this Sunday as Naseem shares on “The Valley of Blessing.”


  • 2 Chronicles 20:1-30
  • Psalm 40:11

Teaching Notes

Our natural reactions in the valley:

  • 1) Fear

  • 2) Control

  • 3) Feeling Hopeless

  • 4) Being Shaken


King Jehoshaphat’s posture in the valley:

  • 1) Faith

  • 2) Surrender

  • 3) Rejoicing/ thanksgiving

  • 4) Firmness


The reality of the valley doesn’t have to be the posture we take as we walk through the valley.


Our posture of thanksgiving becomes a spiritual tool that points us back to what we know to be true about God; despite our circumstances. It becomes our weapon of confidence in the valley.


“As for you, O LORD, you will not restrain your mercy from me; your steadfast love and your faithfulness will ever preserve me!” (Ps. 40:11)


[Sustain] = To uphold, strengthen, refresh, comfort


HOW do we develop this posture of thankfulness?

  1. Reflect on who He is daily (read God’s Word)

  2. Surrender to His control (in prayer and confession)


  • We find REST in His peace (v.30) 

  • We become FIRM in our faith (v. 20)