School of Faith


School of Faith exists to provide environments of learning for those who are curious about Christianity, or seek to understand it on a deeper level.

Check out some of our past events at Awakening School of Faith on YouTube.


We want to see curated digital and physical spaces where the core and complex beliefs of Christianity are given a strong intellectual, creative, and authoritative voice in our church and our city.


One-time events open to the public and the whole church. These events often involve experts in a respective field covering a topic relevant both inside and outside the church (i.e. Regeneration Forum). 

Short term, annually repeating classes covering the essentials of the Christian faith.

  • Creed: basic Christian orthodoxy and belief (2 weeks)
  • Story: the Biblical Narrative from Genesis-Revelation (5 weeks)
  • Rhythms: prayer, scripture reading, fasting, and worship (2 weeks)

Short term classes offered throughout the year, open to everyone. All classes fall on one of these three tracks:

  • Foundation Track: explores the core doctrines of Christianity
  • Theology Track: explores the complex doctrines of Christianity
  • Personal Growth Track: explores the ways we can grow in Christ

Short form and longer form content directed towards more nuanced subjects of Christianity