Groups Resources

Welcome to our Groups Resources page! Here you’ll find all of the past and present curriculum we’ve used for our mid-week groups. All of these resources were written, developed, and designed at Awakening by our pastors, staff, and volunteers, unless otherwise noted. If these can serve you as you lead a small group, please utilize them. We pray God would grow his church as we dedicate to learning with one another.

  • Together in the Book of Daniel: Seven Sessions in the Life of an Exile
    • The book of Daniel is both a story and a vision. The first six chapters deal with the life of a young man and his friends navigating life as exiles in a foreign land. Israel has been taken captive by Babylon, but God has not abandoned his people. Daniel, an Israelite exile, walks faithfully through the oppression of an evil empire. This book teaches us that while things at present may seem out of control, God is on the throne. No matter the situation we are in, we can always be faithful to the God who is on the throne. This study covers the first six chapters of Daniel and works in partnership with The Bible Project.



  • The Transformational Story of the Universe : Seven Sessions Tracing the Good News Through the Whole Bible
    • Near the end of his first letter to the church in Corinth, Paul wrote to them, “I want to remind you brothers…of the gospel…which is of first importance” (1 Corinthians 15:1-3). This good news that Jesus has come and fulfilled the promises of God, seemed to drive the early church and seems to continue to bring power to the poorest and weakest people. What is it about this gospel? Why is it so important? This study helps us see the gospel not as a set of doctrines, but as a story that is being unfolded and told to us through the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.


  •  Moments with Jesus: A Six Week Discussion Guide
    • Following six key moments in Jesus’ life, each of these sessions include a scripture reading, questions for discussion, and a guide towards prayer. Taken from all over all four gospels, this quick study allows you to get the over-arching picture of the life of Jesus.