Bible Reading Plan

One recent study shows that most Jesus followers do not read or study the Bible on a daily basis (less than 20% “read their Bible every day”).  In contrast, 36 percent of respondents say they either engage the Bible “once per week,” “once per month,” or “a few times per month.” And 18% reported that they rarely or never read or study the Bible outside of Sunday worship.

At Awakening, we believe in the power of God’s Word, and so as a community, we want to open up our Bibles this year and read together. Specifically, we are committing to reading through the New Testament in a year (5 days per week, 1 chapter per day). Below is a Bible Reading plan, and even if you’re just entering this conversation, just jump in. We are praying for God to transform our lives through personal Bible reading engagement. Here’s the plan in pdf format, or pick one up on a Sunday at the Welcome Table.

Awakening Bible Reading Plan 2016