Unnoticed Grace: SEALED

Does the Holy Spirit Make Life Easier or Harder? If you had to pick two words to describe what Holy Spirit does in your life…not what you know the Bible says…but what you feel he does most in your life, what would those words be?

Lead? Guide? Convict? Push?

Here’s a similar question but in simpler terms: Does it feel like Holy Spirit makes your life easier or harder?

Is he the one who tells you when you’ve sinned, or when you are supposed to do something for God that seems really scary? If you ignored the Holy Spirit completely, would life instantly become more comfortable or relaxed?


Holy Spirit. God himself. Sent to live in us. Jesus thought more highly of Him than his own ministry. (Jn 16:7) He is encouraging, empowering, comforting, and invigorating. He fights for us. He destroys all kinds of enemies that come to make us slaves again. He battles against fear, equipping us with courage. One way I’ve felt that is being filled suddenly with a gutsy “what-the-heck, why not?” sort of attitude towards a daunting situation. It comes as a quieted focus towards the goal so that all of the “What if” questions become silent. “…Why not? Go-for it! Be adventurous! What’s the worst that could happen?…”This is His attitude towards life rubbing off on us!

He battles against boredom, infusing life into our routines. Many times in life I had to realize my life had been diminished to a dull, shallow, scared existence and the patterns I had created in my life to keep me in comfort were slowly killing me on the inside. We were meant to life an exciting life. We all want to live a life of purpose. Not just in the big picture, but in the day to day. Every single day we want to do something purposeful. Holy Spirit partners with that desire of each of our hearts and brings true life to our beings.

He battles blindness. We are capable of forgetting truth. We need someone on the inside, who sees life through our eyes, to remind us of the righteousness that has been placed in our DNA. We may fear his voice of conviction, but that comes from a poor perspective on sin. His voice in those moments is one of encouragement and inspiration. He believes we are better than our behavior. He believes you can pick up and move on when you fail.

Firefighters are always seen near buildings on fire. To associate the firefighter with destruction and loss simply based on their vicinity to the problem would be unfortunate. To associate Holy Spirit with any feelings of negativity or difficulty simply because He is present in those places would be all the more tragic.

He is in us to assure we reach our destination of life abundantly that Jesus promised.


Eph. 1:13 “And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit,” God has marked you with his own Presence so that in every circumstance, success or failure, his ownership would be attached to you. No artist signs a painting with their signature unless they feel the work is worthy to be associated with their name and reputation. A wise friend once told me, “Holy Spirit loves the messiness of our lives. He knew what He was signing up for before he moved in.” He’s really jazzed about his living situation in you.

How does welcoming His voice in your life sound now?




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