Power in the Gospel

“I was being convinced all over again the the power of the gospel is just as necessary and relevant after you become a Christian as it is before.” – Tullian Tchividjian

Growing up, I heard Jesus died for me to save me from my sins just so I could spend all of eternity with him in Heaven. That was an incredible thought for a girl with a low self-esteem. When I accepted Christ at the age of thirteen, I thought my life would get easier: my grandma wouldn’t have cancer, school-life would get easier, and that I would be happier. I believed Jesus was this “cure” for what was going on in my life; that he would wipe away all my problems and everything would be perfect. Oh man, was I wrong. As I decided to follow Christ, my life continued to get more difficult. My life with Jesus soon came to a stall and I chose to do things my way. I didn’t allow the Gospel of Christ to move in my life.

Tullian Tchividjian, author of Jesus + Nothing = Everything, understands the power of the Gospel. He knows the sacrifice of Christ on the cross is still so powerful, even after we’ve decided to follow Jesus. What Jesus did should never become “old news” or lose it power or significance. It’s the reason we desire to see our family and friends saved, right? We know and understand that life will always be difficult, but God is bigger than that because of the Gospel. We live our lives differently. We know that our words and actions have a lasting impact on those around us; that they will or will not see Jesus when they look at our lives.

We know that the Gospel is what is changing us now. The Gospel can break people, change hearts, bring restoration and healing, and bring people back to Christ. As we begin to realize what we have in the Gospel is so big and powerful, our lives can’t help but be changed by who God is.

Author: Nicole Presley

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