Are you ready for your dome-piece to explode? I thought so… but it’s ok… it’s one of those good type of explosions. Not the kind where brains go all over the place or anything… more like an awesome explosion, kinda like when the guys in the circus get into the huge cannon and fly across the room… and don’t send body parts everywhere. Perhaps this was a lame example. but ALSO perhaps, you should leave a comment suggesting a better one. You are correct in assuming this last statement is there in an attempt to pad my blog stats and make me feel TOTALLY better about myself.

The bible tells us that we are each unique and all have a different part to play in the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:8). I probably didnt need to pull the whole “the bible tells us” line on you… because odds are, you have probably figured this out already by noting things like: why some weirdos consider Ringo the best Beatle, or why some of us actually respected the Beatles enough to just pretend like Ringo didnt exist at all. or why some people enjoy Paul Walker movies… while others don’t enjoy self-inflicted eyeball torture. The point is: Each one of us is a special snowflake. (i would’ve put a less sissy analogy, but once again… nothing came to mind… don’t judge)

ready for cerebral hemorrhaging?

The Bible ALSO tells us (there is that phrase again).. that we are all a part of one body together. One in mind (Philip 2:2), one in body (1 Cor. 12:13), and one in spirit (Ephesians 4:4). Maybe you didnt understand the impact of that last statement. If we are all different, how can we all be one in spirit? doesnt “being unique” mean the opposite of “being the same”?

*enter the brain mushroom cloud*
(dont worry. if you are smarter than me, and this isnt wreaking havoc on pre-concieved notions like “things being the same is opposite of things being different” all this means is that we should be friends… so you can take every test for me from now on)

we have already established that each one of us is a different flavor of frozen yogurt (obviously not pinkberry, because they only have like 3.5 flavors… i’m just gonna say what we are all thinking: LAME). have you ever tried mixing EVERY flavor together? it becomes this awesome flavor known as “puke-your-brains-out”. need more “real world” examples? Potassium and Water (for all you chem nerds out there). Little kids and Broccoli (also resulting in barf). Or Penguins and microwaves (dont worry, no animals were hurt in the making of this blog). In the natural world, when you mix different things together, you get explosions, and every once in a while a viral you-tube video that people laugh at, but are secretly glad that they werent part of. People are the same way. It’s OBVIOUS that Star Wars nerds and Trekkies don’t naturally get along… as a matter of fact, Trekkies really don’t get along with humans in general… they are cool with vulcans though.

Back to the bible. Now it’s easier to understand how incredible it is that not only are we supposed to just “get along”, but we are unified, all working together towards one goal. That is nuttier than a squirrel!!!! (ok, perhaps metaphors/analogies aren’t my spiritual gift). But when i think of it, there is only ONE of me, and i have a hard time working towards my OWN goals most of the time. Isnt it incredible that God is bigger than our innate ability to clash with literally everything around us? under his umbrella, team edward and jacob can set lame movies aside and work together for the glory of God. Tom will finally stop manically torturing Jerry? Itchy and Scratcy will… no, i think i’ll stop there.

How amazing is He, that He can accommodate every unique person. He is intentional enough to create us to be unique, and have a place and a purpose for every different person. He is bigger than my political stance (yes… even militant hippyism). He is stronger than my selfish tendencies which cause me to go into “sabotage mode” while working in group settings. He is deep enough to allow for someone who is the complete opposite of me to also work for Him and be a part of His plan (1 Cor 12:20).

God is so good, that he would even give a quirky/clashing person like ME a place in his plan.

Author: Will McDonald

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  1. Brain-Sploded Will

    Yes… i just “liked” my own post. Shallow? Maybe… but i take this whole “padding my blog stats” seriously.


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