Unsolved Mysteries

Ever since I can remember, I have been intrigued and drawn to the mysterious and unknown. Perhaps it had to do with my early years as a magic hobbyist and enthusiast and that addictive feeling I got when I was genuinely fooled by a great trick. Or, it could have been that my favorite movie growing up was “Harry and the Hendersons”. The heartwarming story about a family that hits Bigfoot with their car on the way home from a camping trip. Or just maybe it could be connected to the catchy theme song and intriguing host of one of my favorite childhood shows “Unsolved Mysteries”. Whatever it was, I had this fascination at an early age and it has carried with me into my adult years.

Every day I spend about three hours in the car driving to work and home. Although I try to spend some of that time listening to my bible on tape or praying, I have recently found myself pulling up many different documentaries on YouTube and listening to the audio (possibly occasionally looking down at the video as well). Not only is this terribly dangerous to do while driving but, the content in these video usually has no real value and always comes back around to me wondering if they have found bigfoot yet or if aliens really do exist. Although I know deep down that most of these videos are completely fabricated or fictional, my curiosity gets the best of me sometimes.

I was really convicted recently and wondering why I can be so intrigued by hoaxes and pop culture but when it comes God, I rarely take the time to bask in His wonder or ponder His magnificence. He is the creator of that feeling of awe that I am so drawn to but for some reason I fill my life with distractions and false hopes when He is all I need. Psalms 65:8 says:

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where
morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.

I so long to filled with awe and consumed by God’s wonders. I excitedly look forward to spending more time with Him and discovering the true mysteries my future holds. I hope and pray that you will push away all the distractions in your daily lives that keep you from meeting God and spending time in His presence.

Author: Chris Waltner

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