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so: i’m not quite sure if you know this, but I’m awesome at relationships.  I’m so awesome that it’ll probably make you throw up a little… just ask any of my remaining friends.

actually… i’m just kidding: i have LOTS and LOTS of friends, and they rarely ever puke.

Understandably, you may believe that due to my unREAL capitaliZATION of wrong sylABLES, and borderline vague understanding of how punctuation/grammar is suPPOSED to work,? that i have it all figured out.  But then you’d probably be wrong like donkey kong (who apparently was also ON?)

Anyways, i’ll just skip the part when i give the punchline to the lame joke, and then when no one still gets it, i have to explain the joke (which totally makes the joke better), and the fact that i really don’t have it all together. Exhibit A: i’m a mess (It’s ok to be surprised at this seemingly-ridiculous statement).

As much as i’d like to be the one saying “you had better learn to live with me, tootse, because i’m fine the way i am” (perhaps the use of the word “tootse” is an indicator to the roots of my problem), I have this nagging feeling that this kind of statement is going to fly as well as santa over the de-militarized zone (the REAL reason for all the unhappy people).

so let me turn towards my relationship with God… the guy who SHOWS me how to relate to friends, how to love my brother/sister, how to correctly interact with people around me.

It’s true that he does put up with me, and does accept of me for who i am, but unfortunately for Nega-Will (aka Evil-Will, aka Will), the buck doesnt stop there (and f your i (fyi), the 50’s DIDNT call and ask for that one back… the 40’s did).  Being in a relationship with him FORCES me to be a better man (which sometimes requires me to make fun of Paul Walker’s acting abilities less… but not ALL the time, of course).

If I cant expect God, the master at relationships (oh yeah, and the universe) to put up with a guy (i wont name my name here… o wait…) who isnt going to be GROWING with Him, how can i expect ANYONE else to put up with it?

Moral of the story:
Paul Walker makes terrible movies.

the OTHER moral is:
it’s too easy for me to just sit back, wait for the perfect people to come in my life, and take a rain check on growth in the meantime.  because God actively shows me that i need to strive and be a better guy tomorrow than i was yesterday (regardless if i’m in any type of relationship or not).  “being complacent”, or “the dog ate it” just isnt an excuse (yeah, that last one doesnt make SENSE, and i don’t care). I cant expect to succeed in any relationship unless i’m committed to being a more godly man (+10 cheesy points for me)

NOTE: this is a Girlfriend (Kim Eggert) approved post.

Author: Will McDonald

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