Prayer Times & Locations for HAITI!

This is the revised schedule how we’re breaking it down for Haiti prayer (Day, Date: Time, Location):

Wednesday 14th: 6-7pm, Vertical V
Thursday 15th: 6-7pm, Vertical V
Friday 16th: 7-8pm, Vertical V
Saturday 17th: 7-8pm, Vertical V
Sunday 18th: Pray for Haiti at Awakening and in your day!
Monday 19th: 7-8pm, Vertical V
Tuesday 20th: 7-8pm, ’50s Room
Wednesday 21st: 6-7pm, Vertical V
Thursday 22nd: 6-7pm, ’50s Room
Friday 23rd: 7-8pm, Vertical V
Saturday 24th: 7-8pm, Vertical V
Sunday 25th: Team gets home, Awakening

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