Royal Family Kids’ Camps 2010

“And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.”  Mark 10:16

This summer, Bethel will be offering a week-long safe, stable, fun and loving camping environment to kids ages 7-11 who have experienced abuse, neglect or outright tragic life occurrences. A large part to making this event happen is the involvement of volunteers to act as counselors, assistants and “friends” to these kids for a week.

You’ll get to participate in a variety of fun games and activities like painting, tie-dye t-shirts, coloring, campfire, tug-o-war, swimming and even archery! In addition to this, the camping trip adds a bunch of stuff that these kids may have never experienced: a Fishing Trip for the boys, a Tea Party for the girls!

But of course, it isn’t so much the recreation that matters, but the influence you will have on your campers. Spending this one-on-one time is vital for each kid to feel loved, accepted and to grow in Christ. However, the number of kids who get to attend depends upon how many volunteers the camp has. Last week, less than half of a goal of 24 boys were able to go on the trip simply because there weren’t enough male volunteers!

Volunteering for this trip does not cost any money, only a week of your time and a few training sessions. Pray over this decision and discuss it with the people in your life!

  • Camp Dates: August 8-13, 2010
  • Location: Boulder Creek (down near Santa Cruz)

To participate, you’ll need 1) an application, 2) an interview, and 3) a LiveScan specifically for Bethel. In order to be a part of this ministry you have to get fingerprinted for Bethel even if you’re already on file with the State.

Mandatory Training Dates: July 10 (9am-3:30pm), Friday, June 23, 2010 (6pm-9pm), & Sunday, June 25, 2010 (1pm – 3pm).

Check out these sites to find out more about this non-profit org.:

or, e-mail Jolynn of RFKC at [email protected]

Westgate Church Vision

I – Impacting the Kingdom

M – Maximizing our campus

P – Partnering with other churches

A – Assisting the poor

C – Caring for the sick

T – Teaching the next generation.

“He defends the cause of the fatherless…”    Deu. 10-18.

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