Thoughts on Impact

Impact literally means to have an effect on or the force in which one object hits another.

Often times we don’t think of our lives having impact. We mainly think of simply trying to survive the day, the week, or the year. But if you will stop and look around you, you will realize the question isn’t if you are having an impact…but what kind of impact are you having?

What kind of effect are you having at work, school, in your relationships. There is some kind of effect, what is it?

Have you ever thought deeply about what is the legacy you will leave? What if anything will out last your life? Or bring it back to something that we can more easily get our arms around, what influence will you have at work/school that is greater than yourself?

You see Jesus spoke to this idea of impact in his most famous sermon and actually defines the type of impact that last for eternity. He says,

“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

This verse is the application of an illustration that Jesus just gave about the presence and purpose of salt and light. If you want to have an impact that effects all eternity you must first know your purpose for why you are here on this planet and realize that your presence always impacts, influences and effects those around you.

You see in the same way salt has a specific purpose of preserving and bringing flavor so do you as a follow of Christ have a specific purpose. And in the same way that at night a candle has a specific purpose to light up a room so do you as a Son and Daughter of the King have a specific purpose for which God has called you and it would be just as ridiculous for you to not live out your purpose here on this planet as it would be for someone to light a candle and then cover it…It makes no sense…

Now here is your purpose. Here is how you and I live a life that makes an impact that matters… Jesus says, live your life in such a way that only God can get the glory. He doesn’t say live your life so that people think you are a great person. Or that you are really religious, giving, compassionate, loving, though all these are good. He says, live your life in such a way that the outside world sees your life and they give God all of the glory. A watching world needs to see Christ in us before they receive Christ from us.

You and I can only do this with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our life. One note of application to begin the journey is simply order your life with God. Sit and take time this week or even right now look at your relationships and ask the question: what does it look like to do my relationships with God? How do I spend my money with God? What does it look like to plan for my future with God and allowing him to have full input into that arena of my life? What does it look like to invite God into the middle of all that you are, even the messy side of you? You can’t live a life in which God gets all the glory when he is merely a side note. Live this life with God.

The question isn’t if you will have an impact but what kind of impact will you have?

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