Church On the Move

This weekend Awakening moved offsite and into the city. Yes that’s right we canceled our service and yet church didn’t stop. It was a powerful testimony of God’s grace as so many of this generation hit the streets to express the love of Christ in a tangible way to those in need. It was a response to what we have been studying in Galatian’s out of our series Full of God. [I’ll share more on that latter.]

As I was able to visit each site where we were serving it was evident that God was on the move. I watched in what seemed like a simple act of giving cookies and milk out to homeless that God did something in the hearts of those that served…there was an excitement, a new passion, a fresh desire to live life in a new reality…over and over I heard, “can we do this more often”….and i saw in the eyes of those we served, gratefulness, as they expressed how loved they felt that a bunch of young people would take time to be with them.

As I was talking with someone yesterday that participated in one of the shelters we went to serve, he suggested that we do this as one of our diversion groups. How awesome would it be if a group from awakening got together weekly to go serve those in need and share the love of Christ.

Last week we said that our relationship with God invites us into a life of grace. The definition of grace is God acting in our life to accomplish what we can’t accomplish on our own. The problem is many of us don’t experience the grace of God. We don’t see him acting in our life. For many the missing component is this thing called faith.

Faith is the means by which we access the grace of God.

In fact the writer of Hebrews said it is impossible to please God without faith. Andy Stanley defines faith this way, “Faith is confidence that God is who he says he is and that he will do what he has promised to do.” Many of us don’t experience the grace of God because we haven’t stepped out in an area where we need the grace of God. We like to live comfortable, safe lives within our own control. Faith, trust, hope, confidence in God to the point of action accesses the very grace of God in our life.

Sunday night I shared the story of swimming with my kids this last weekend. This was the first time of the season and they are out of practice and have gotten fearful of the water once again. My daughter [Ella] stood on the side of the pool and after a little bit of coaxing by me she jumped into my arms. With a huge smile she comes out of the water to it again and again and again. We had so much fun together laughing and playing. My son [Ryder, who’s 3 years old] was a different story. He would come to the edge of the pool and then cry for me to come closer. And so I would come closer and he would say, “no, come closer daddy!” Until our hands were almost touching. And then he would run away from the edge of the pool. He spent most of the day at the pool on the step while my daughter jumped and played with me.

You see for us to live by faith our confidence in our heavenly Father must be greater than the fear of our present reality. We must be able to trust him so that we can jump into his arms. Many Christians are living their lives on step of the pool and are totally missing out on what God has for them because their fear keeps them comfortable in the shallow end. It is there you do not need the grace of God and it there you will not experience the presence and joy of your Father. It is only when we jump into the loving arms of our Father that we experience his grace fully in our lives. It is in that simple act of trust that we are swept up into the Fathers arms and it there and only there that you will find that your delight is made full in Him.

I would love to hear your experience and what God did in your life as you step out in faith…you can post something or simply email me at [email protected]

May we be a people that trust our heavenly Father enough to jump into His arms. May you experience deeply the grace of God in your life.

until this generation is reached,
ryan ingram

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