Cultivate Community: Prayer Website

“Tired of writing down prayer requests at the end of every small group and then forgetting where you put that little piece of paper when you want to pray for your group during the week? Read on…” – Josh Abbe


Oh, the beauty of technology.

I was at lunch today with a friend and found out that one of the guys at Awakening had created a website for his small group to post prayer requests throughout the week.  He recently started a new “group” on the website for Awakening, and it allows members within the group to post prayer requests and have access to other people’s prayer requests, too!  There’s also a little button that indicates whether the prayer is waiting to be answered or if it had been answered.  Pretty cool. (:

So, engineers love Jesus too and use their God-given gifts (that I cannot get close to comprehending) for His Kingdom.  And it’s awesome.

Check out the website (, create your free account, and post your prayers today!

Love to you.

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