Our Families

At Awakening we love kids! We believe they are the next generation of world changers and we love having them as a big part of our church.

COVID Update for Kids Ministry

We are currently moving Kids Ministry to your home! We believe that parents are the primary spiritual leaders in their kids’ lives and we are so excited to equip you during this season to bring AK Ministry to your home.

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Learn more about our service changes.

Awakening Kids is for ages 0 – grade 5. We provide classes where kids can have fun, be safe and learn about Jesus. We have classes for all ages during the 9:30 service and ages 0-5 during the 11:15 service.

Parent Resources

Check out our Parent Resources tab below for ways to engage your kiddos during this time, in lieu of Kids Ministry on Sundays.

Parent Resources  


We believe families in the Bay Area are some of the hardest groups to get connected to community and they are probably the ones who need it the most. We live such full, busy lives here in the Bay Area and we need community to do life well. At Awakening we do our best to help families get connected to other families through our Family Brunch and through Start Up. 

Family Brunch is during first service while your kids can be in class. It is a time for new or not connected families to come and have breakfast, meet other families and staff. We will talk about what we have here at Awakening for families and answer any questions you may have.

Start Up is our pathway to small groups. This is for anyone wanting to get connected to a group.

Get Connected  

Wellness Policy

For the well-being of the children, parents, and volunteers at Awakening Kids, we ask that your child remain home if they are sick. Some common signs include: fever, diarrhea, persistent runny nose, lethargy, or hacking/wet-sounding cough. 

If your child has recently been sick, we ask that they attend only if they have had at least three doses of antibiotics and have been fever-free for at least 24 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

We serve dairy-free and nut-free snacks, with a gluten-free option available.


Awakening Kids is run by our amazing Kids Leaders and we are always looking to grow our team! If you are interested in serving as a leader we would love to hear from you. All kids leaders must pass certain prerequisites including a background check. 

Become a Kids Leader