Steve Saccone

Steve was born in upstate New York and has lived in just about every area of the country.  He graduated from Bethel Seminary with a Master’s Degree in Transformational Leadership, and has served as a pastor for more than a decade at Willow Creek Community Church (2000-2003), Mosaic Los Angeles (2003-2011), The Highway Community (2011 – 2014), and now Awakening Church.  Steve leads in our areas of Missional Communities, the Connection Process, and also oversees our staff, leaders, and volunteers. He’s an avid sports fan, especially baseball, basketball, and football. And although Ryan mispronounced Steve’s last name for the first 6 months he knew him, Steve still considers him a good friend. Steve is married to his incredible wife, Cheri, and they have 2 boys – Hudson and Holden.



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