Kirstin Nolte

Kirstin was born and raised in the western Cape in South Africa (it’s incredibly beautiful) and moved here with her husband, Cornel, in 2000. The initial plan was to return after two years, but God had other plans: we are still here and we have 2 awesome U.S.A. born kiddos (girl and boy)!

Kirstin obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in oenology and viticulture in South Africa and made wine for many years both in S.A. and in Livermore. She has been pursuing the Lord since college and has always been involved in ministry in some way. By God’s nudging ( well, more like a push) she got involved in kids and family ministry. She has a passion to help kids connect very personally and intimately with God and to help unlock all the treasures that God has put inside of them. She says “ It’s kinda like discovering the potential treasure that is locked up in a grape!”

She believes our kids are world changers, and that they just need to be equipped and encouraged to go after all God has for them – not when they are older, but right now where they are at! There is no Junior Holy Spirit!

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