Kathryn Grazian

Kathryn was born and raised in the Bay Area and left only for her college years to Westmont College in Santa Barbara.  Her passion for ministry began there as she took her religious study courses.  As soon as she graduated, she wanted to continue to learn more about the Scriptures and how to lead others well.  So began the pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Ministry and Leadership at Western Seminary (graduated in 2014).  She joined the staff in Fall 2014 and helped shape the small group ministry. Now she’s serving in her gifts of Administration and Leadership at Awakening as she helps pave the way for ministry to be accomplished – as the Executive Administrator.  She also loves spending time with her husband, Dave, baby boy Kaleb (born in April 2015) and new baby girl Emory (born Feb 2017). She also loves volleyball, running, and picnics in the beautiful Bay Area weather. Kathryn is all sweetness until you get her on the volleyball court.  Then you’ll see her alter ego take over and she’ll take down anyone who gets in her way.

[email protected]