Worship and Communion Sunday

This Sunday we are all meeting together for one service at 9:30am. We are continuing in our Simply Jesus series by taking time to be with Jesus. It’s what we call a Worship and Communion Sunday. There won’t be a long message, just a short devotional and a lot of space to worship. These are some of my favorite times as a community as we stop and reorient our lives around what matters most.

By taking communion, we proclaim the Kingdom of God by remembering Christ’s death, celebrating Christ’s resurrection, and expecting Christ’s return. Please join us on Sunday at 9:30am for a refreshing morning of worship.

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For those with families, we will have limited kids ministry (only nursery to preschool) but you won’t want to miss it! One of the most meaningful moments for me as a dad was a couple of years ago at Awakening during a Worship and Communion Sunday. I remember bringing my oldest two kids over to the table and explaining communion to them, passing on to them what’s most important to me in my life—my relationship with Jesus. I can’t wait to get to worship with them in this way (and with you and your family) this Sunday.

Until this generation is reached,

Ryan Ingram
Lead Pastor
Awakening Church
[email protected]

Worship and Communion