School of Faith: The Art of Forgiveness

Every one of us has experienced the pain of a broken relationship: betrayal, breakups, misunderstandings, gossip, and even the slow, strange drift from a friendship. When we are hurt by someone, a road diverges in our life and a choice appears: will we become bitter or will we become better? Will this loss and pain cause you to grow in your anger and resentment, or will you be led to experience the beauty of forgiveness, humility, and grace that comes from God? Forgiveness is the greatest opportunity God gives us to live a full life, but it is often rejected by us. How can we overcome the temptation to become bitter and resentful? What does forgiveness require and how can we live free from the pain caused by other people? Join us for this two-week class on the art of forgiveness. 

Sunday Nights: 10/17 + 10/24 from 7-9PM