Sacred Writings

Build Your Life on the Timeless Truths of God’s Word

We all need an anchor to ground us to what is true, real and good. Scripture is the anchor that steadies us through the changing tides of life and culture. Join us for this upcoming series as we learn how to get into God’s Word and how to get God’s Word into us.

July 24: Question & Answer with Dr. Charlie Self

This Sunday we have the honor of hearing from Dr. Charlie Self in our final week of our series Sacred Writings. Dr. Self is a seminary professor, author, consultant and pastor. This Sunday will be an awesome opportunity to ask your questions about the Bible as we will structure our service to include a Q&A with Dr. Self. This will be a powerful weekend and is the perfect opportunity to invite those you know who have questions and be preparing to ask your questions.

To read more about Dr. Self and the work that he is involved in, go to:

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