Local Mission Sunday

There’s something wonderfully bothersome about Jesus, and perhaps that’s what we ought to love most about Him. He’s not content being Savior, but also insists on being Lord. He’s not content with us knowing the right answers about the faith, rather He wants us to actually live by faith. He’s also not content with the ways we have been marked by God’s work in the world (forgiven, healed, clothed, accepted). He is equally interested in having us get caught up and involved in God’s work in this world (as witness, a neighbor, an agent of His kingdom). One of the great challenges in following Jesus involves not just following Him with our own lives, but calling others to follow Him with theirs. The primary context that God calls us to advance His mission is in our everyday lives, with everyday people. Most of these people don’t believe the same things we do about Jesus, but perhaps that’s exactly why God has brought them into our lives. All of this leads to ask the great question HOW.
How do we go about carrying out God’s mission in our everyday lives?
Join us August 7th at Awakening to explore this topic together and to hear from people in our community who are living fully into this reality.