Special Offering

Awakening will be collecting a Special Offering for Hurricane Relief in Haiti.
We will be sending this money to the Mompremiers to bring help in the south where the devastation is the greatest.
Here is a Note from our Missionaries: “Our church decided to collect food and clothing to send to some pastors that we know personally to give to the needy in their congregations.  We also want to try to raise the money to put roofs on houses and churches in the south.  We will be sending Eliberne, UCI board member and mason, with a crew to oversee the work.  We believe that in this way we’ll be certain that the money will get to the people that need it…Thank you again for all your prayers.  Thank you for being a part of this ministry. – From The Mompremiers, The UCI board and employees,  and the Caiman Church.”Please join us in helping them bring Hope and Relief to those affected by the Hurricane. You can give online Here and designate the funds by selecting the Generous Campaign. Or drop a check in the offering on Sunday designated to Generous.