Dinner for 8

During the summer months at Awakening, one of our primary goals as a church is to continue building community outside of our Sunday experience. We do that through Dinner for 8! 

In 2018 we had over 150 people attend a Dinner for 8, which was half our church at the time. We hope you’ll join in on the fun.

Here’s how it works:

Dinner for 8 groups provide the opportunity to spend time eating and sharing together in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Dinner for 8 is for everyone. This ministry is a great way to get to meet new people and get to know your church family better. Whether you have been attending Awakening for years or just once; whether you are already in a Group or not.

How do I sign up?

Click the button below and email us with your preferred date(s). The more flexibility you have the better! Let us know if you’d like to HOST a dinner or attend one. Then you’ll be placed in a group of 8 by our matchmaking professionals 😉 Your dinner host will contact you with details including, address, time of the dinner, and ideas on what to do for dinner (potluck or not, etc). 


These dinners are a great time for adults to get to know each other in a casual setting outside of church. Each group can decide what works best for them – if childcare should be arranged or if children are invited.

Available dates:

June 14, June 15, June 17, June 18, June 19, June 20, June 21, June 22, July 11, July 12, July 13, July 14, July 15, July 16, July 17, July 18.

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“They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts” – Acts 2:46b