21 Days of Prayer

21 Days of Prayer:  Preparing the Way
What would happen if, for a period of time, you really focused on your relationship with God? Imagine if an entire community took time to really focus on their relationship with God.Every great movement of God first begins with a person who has been deeply moved by God.  At Awakening we long to see a fresh and powerful movement of God take place in and through our church. That’s why we are taking 21 Days to reorient our lives to God and His purposes in our lives. 21 Days to pray as a church for our city, our neighbors, our friends and family.

1. Daily Prayer: We will be sending out a Daily Scripture with a Prayer Guide for what to be praying each day.

2. Media Fast: We want to invite you to do a Media Fast 1 day a week over the 21 days. [No Social Media, Video Content, etc]. It’s a powerful way to clear the distractions and quite the noise to hear from God.

3. Worship Nights: We will be gathering together for worship a time of extended worship and prayer at the Awakening offices on March 31April 7, 14