Series starts on 12/2!


We have ordered our world in a certain way: the rich, powerful, talented, and attractive are on top, while the poor and powerless are on the bottom. This pecking order is all the more clear during the Christmas season, when materialism and greed are on display. When Jesus was on earth, he announced what he called “good news of the kingdom of God.”


This good news shows us that in Jesus’ world—in his kingdom—the order of our world is reversed: those on the bottom are called “blessed” by Jesus, and those on the top are warned of their destruction. Access to God is not available to only the rich and powerful, but for the poor and powerless.


Join us as we look at Jesus’ famous “Beatitudes” through the season of Advent. In hearing Jesus’ blessings, how can that shape our vision of God’s world? In a world of put downs, we are called to be a people who bless up.